Little Boys Hairstyles for Autumn/Winter 2017-2018

Young boys always want to have fun and want to have fun with their hairstyle. Little boys always look charming in short, middle curly and bang straight. These hairstyles will be easy and effortless to carry and maintain.


Classic crop a twist

This hairstyle is a combination of classic crop and modern twist. The fringe has a unique cut which is straight at the front and a longer at one side. The straight cut is classic bits slight at the side differentiate from classic. The sides and back are kept short. The fringe is kept straight while lifting is required on the crown section.

The classic crop and modern twist suits kids who are wild and free. This hairstyle is best for kids who want to try new things and are confident. Medium to thick hair type works perfect for this hairstyle. Kids who have darker skin undertones can adopt this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is effortless and perfect for school.


Little boys classic crop haircut 2017 2018


Stenciled Stanley

The stenciled Stanley has clean and short sides while longer at the top. Blonde on the temple makes the hairstyle unique and confident. Different pattern and lines are created below the temples gives dramatic touch.

The hairstyle does not need much effort to style .you will need to visit the salon daily to keep the lines and cuts clear and sharp. This hairstyle can be adopted by all round, square and heart face structure. Hair that is fine to medium will work well on this hairstyle.


Elevated Evan

The elevated Evan has medium hair at the sides and back while a bit longer at the front and crown. The sides are kept simple while the length on front is lifted up at the centre.

To get the hairstyle you need a styling product. Apply with finger tips and run both hands on the hair. Keep the crown section toward the front and lift the front section to create a faux hawk.

This hairstyle is suitable for kids with round and square face structure. Thin to medium hair works well on this hairstyle.


Elevated Evan Little boys haircuts 2017 2018


Textured Toby

The textured Toby is a classic hair cut with shorter sides and back while longer front. It is an amazing hairstyle which is effortless and less time consuming. The hair at the neck and ears side needs a clear cut which can be achieved by using a razor.

The style can be achieved by using a 4 sized clipper on the sides while 6 clipper on the front. Run your finger through the hair to make it lifting after shower.

This hairstyle can be carried by boys with fine to medium hair. Round, oval, square and diamond face structure works better with this hairstyle.

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