Adorable Half up Braid & Waves Hairstyles 2017 2018

There are many hairstyles you may want for yourself. Most of you may love to carry braids and wavy hair but have you ever thought of carry them both in one style. Here we have brought you some half up braids and waves hairstyle which is the most versatile hairstyle.


Braided half up hair

The braid half up hair is awesome which give both feminine and stylish look at same time. In this hairstyle the hair is half braided and half waves. This hairstyle can be carried for all events with every type of dress. The braided half up hair can be carried all season but it is trending this winter.

The hairstyle can be achieved in few steps. First create a centre from front section. Take three piece of hair from the right front and create braid and continue till the back sand secure with bobby pins. Now repeat the same step on left side. Now combine the two braided section and braid on the lengths till end. Secure with elastic and create waves on the remaining hair falling to the shoulders.


Half up Braid Hairstyles 2017 2018


Dutch braid updo

The Dutch braid updo is all in one hairstyle which can be carried for any event with every kind of dress. The braid gives sophisticated look while the updo looks classic. Color can be carried with this hairstyle.

To get the hairstyle take three section of hair at the front and create braid across the ears, combine the braided section at the end and updo the length there. Keep some piece of hair around the face for face framing. Create waves or curls on those sections around the face.


Mohawk braid top knot

This is the most beautiful hairstyle trending this year which is carried by school students to professional and it rocks. In this style the hair braid is created at the top centre and an updo at the end of the braid. Waves are created on the remaining hair.

The hairstyle can be achieved by take a centre part at the top and start creating French braid on that centre part. Continue until the braid reaches at the crown section and wrap the hair into a knot and secure with bobby pins.


Mohawk braid half up

This is another Mohawk hairstyle in which braid is created from the front section to the crown while creating centre part. This hairstyle can be carried for causal as well as for specific event.

To get the hairstyle, create a centre part of the hair at the front, now take three piece of hair and start creating braid continue it until the back and secure with elastic. Repeat the same step of other side. This hairstyle is chic and awesome. It rocks on round and oval face shape.


Best mohawk braid half up hairstyles 2017-2018

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