Best Hairstyles for Halloween Parties in 2018

There are different Halloween parties’ hairstyles which are adopted by people during Halloween to get the look of ghosts.


1. Mermaid Character Hairstyle

This is a wonderful hairstyle adopted by dawn Olivier’s. The hairstyle works on oval and round face shape. Medium to thick hair type rocks on the style.  You have to follow few steps to get this hairstyle.

1. Start with wet hair.

2. Dry out hair using a round brush.

3. Divide the hair into a centre part.

4. Add some purple and pink color to the edges of the hair.

5. Create curls on the hair and use fingers to adjust to the waves.

5. Apply a holding spray at the end.


Halloween Mermaid Character Hairstyles 2018


2. Vampire Cut Hairstyle

To look unique on Halloween is the dream. Adding color and having a new look is the wish of everyone. The vampire cut has a Sharpe cut at the sides and colored hair at the crown section. The hairstyle works on heart and square face shape. Short hair with fine and medium in volume can work better on this hairstyle. To get the hairstyle.

1. Start with damp hair.

2. Keep it dry out naturally.

3. Apply a hair gel or wax.

4. Apply hair color to the hair and comb it to one side, keeping the sides sharp.

5. You can also carry dark or colorful eye shades and lipstick.


3. Bride of Frankenstein

The bride of Frankenstein is a hairstyle which looks like a beehive. This unique hairstyle which gives amazing look and can be carried on any occasion. Those who have long hair can get the hairstyle more beautiful. The hairstyle works on all face shape. Medium to thick hair rocks on the style.

To have the style:

1. Start with applying a styling product on damp hair.

2. Dry out using a flat brush.

3. Comb the bangs and keep it straight forward. With pull the entire hair toward the back.

4. To get the puff at the crown section you need some backcombing.

5. Use a hair spray to hold the style. If required you can also use piece of hair to get the perfect puff. 


Halloween Bride of Frankenstein Haircuts 2018

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