Flaunty Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2016 - 2017

Flaunty hairstyles for medium hair 2016 - 2017

are completely in at the moment. The reason is quite straightforward: medium hairstyles give you a fabulous look, both in terms of style and compliment with your facial structure and type of hair. Remember, however, that medium hairstyles go well with fine hair, and you’d be in luck if you have thick hair that is either conventional or curly.

1. Laxbrownette curls

This hairstyle gives you the opportunity to loud up your fine hair to create somelax, falling curls. This hairstyle is simply versatile and amazing. They would make you appear like a princess. If you want to try this hairstyle, start by getting your hair ready for the style with the use of a heat protection product. Second, employ a curling iron and create curls on different portions of your hair, starting from the middle and ending at the edges of your strands. Now use your fingers to make your hair soft and finally give your style a finishing touch by applying some hairspray.

2. Dark cinnamon shag

This shaggy hairstyle boasts unique warmth and features a unique brown shag that at the length of your shoulder to deliver a perfect surface and a fabulous appearance. In order to get this hairstyle, start by moistening your hair with a hair product. Second, use a hairbrush to dry out your hair and create volume. Create partitions on your hair at the center part and then use an iron to generate curls on your hair with layers. Now run your fingers through the strands to make them appear a little rough. Give your hairstyle a final touch with a hairspray.

Dark cinnamon shag layers hairstyle 2016 2017

3. Double espresso

This hairstyle in rich in terms of versatility and style elements, thanks to the perfect styling techniques. To achieve this hairstyle, make your hair wet with a hair product and then leave it to dry out. Now use a hairbrush to create volume and follow up with the creation of side parts. Then, use a barrel iron to form smooth curls on the edges of your hair. To create height at the crown, get the help of a comb and work from the back to top.

4. Balayage caramel

Tagged as one of the trendiest hairstyle for 2016 - 2017, this hairstyle is elegant and comes with elements of style and modernism. To get this hairstyle, get your hair ready by moistening them, and then leave your hair to dry. Now use a hairbrush to smoothen the strands and create some volume. Now use your fingers to make your hairstyle rough and then use a hairspray to give your hairstyle some shine, and glamour. The use of hairspray will also give your new hairstyle some hold and strength.

Hottest Hairstyles 2016 2017 Brown Hair with balayage Caramel

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