First Hairstyles For Men

First hairstyle we will talk about is the bald head hairstyles. In order to achieve this hairstyle you have to shave your head. These styles provide elegant, glamorous and untraditional look. Some other summer hairstyles for men include the crew cut, buzz cut, burr cut, and scalp landing hairstyles, fade hairstyles and the flattop hairstyles. In these hairstyles the hair is kept short.

Will Smith can be used as styling inspiration as he has worn short hairstyles better than anyone. He has sported hairstyles like the buzz cut, burr-cut, bald head and tight curly hairstyles. Another celebrity that can be used as a styling inspiration is known as Justin Timberlake. Other than making many fans with his beautiful voice he has also been styling inspiration for many. Justin has mostly sported some short hairstyles like the shaved head hairstyle, short spiky hairstyle, butch cut hairstyle, buzz cut, flattop hairstyle and the short curly hairstyle.

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