Fabulous Fishtail Twisted Side Braid Hairstyles 2017-2018

This hairstyle creates the side swept effect in the back of the head. This hairstyle work best and easy spring and summer style that is perfect for the beach or pool or just a fun hot summer day. The fishtail twisted side braid can be worn on any event and occasion. The hairstyle looks lovely on thick long hair.

To get the Fishtail Twisted Side Braid on your hair you need some time to create it neatly. There are 8 to 9 simple steps which you have to follow and you can get this amazing hairstyle. Follow the steps to get the hairstyle.


Fishtail- side braid for wedding 2017-2018


Fishtail Twisted Side Braid steps

Step 1

Start by parting your hair on the left side of your head, if you want your braid on the left side.


Step 2

Pick up section from your hair on the right side of the head from the part of hair which are down to your ear.


Step 3

Now begin your braid on the right side of your head, now pick up a section of hair from about the hair up to your ear and you can leave out some pieces if you want to frame your face.


Step 4

Now divide the section into two half to create a fishtail braid. Now take a small section from the top half, cross it to the bottom half, take a small piece from the bottom half and cross it to over the top and add it into the top head.


Step 5

Repeat in these steps untilthe braid reaches the center of the back of your head, then go start braiding the hair in sections of hair that are hanging down underneath the braid. Bring the sections of your hair so you get closer to the right ear, working “backwards” to create the sweeping effect that you see at the end.


Step 6

When all your hair from the top of your head is brought into the braid. Now braid this section in a regular braid, without adding any hair into it. Tie off the end with an elastic band.


Step 7

Create a second Fishtail French braid by picking up a small section of your hair behind your right ear and braid the rest of your hair, working towards the left side of the nape of your neck.


Step 8

When all the hair is brought in and it reaches behind your left ear, braid it down in a regular fishtail braid tying off the end with an elastic band.


Fishtail side braided hairstyles 2017-2018


Step 9

Wrap the two fishtail ends around each other and tie them together with a third elastic band.


Step 10

Remove the two elastics from the individual braids and gently loosen the sides of the braids by pulling on the edges to make them fuller.


Step 11

Spray the style with hairspray and smooth down any flyaway.

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