Exciting Hair Colors for Winter 2017-2018

During cold winter days life becomes restricted and boring. You will feel lazy and dull and one of the best ways to refresh your look is adding color to your hair.  Hereare few hair colors trending this winter which will help you look more charming and beautiful.


Purple Haze

This traditional purple and grey hue is a perfect combine for this winter. It helps in gives younger and soft looks. The hair shade can be styled along waves and that looks perfect. Darker at the roots and lighter at the edges this hairstyle is ideal for evening events.

This hairstyle works for cool undertones and medium skin tones. The purple shade comes perfect on light or blonde hair.


Blue hair color hues for winter 2017-2018


Blue Steel

The blue hue into silver is one of the trending hairstyle for this winter.  The base in this hairstyle is darker and blue while fading into silver as it goes through the length.

This hair color works well on natural blonde hair. Fair to medium skin tones looks great with this hair color.


Delicate Pink

Carrying blonde hair may be boring to get a bit different and style look add delicate pink shade to the front section of head. Discuss with your stylist before applying the color.

This hair color is ideal for blonde and lighter skin tones. Natural blonde hair looks great with this hairstyle.


Cropped Copper

Do you want to boost up your look this winter? Here is the best solution, adding hard copper shade with hard reddish brown. The combination of these two colors is ideal for brunettes. Light to darker skin undertone is ideal for this hair color. Those who look great with purple blue and pink will look awesome with this hair color.


Mahogany with Copper Peek-a-boos

One of the trending hair colors this winter is combination of mahogany and copper. This hairstyle works on brunettes.This hair color is ideal for light to medium undertones which works well with red and chocolate shades. Natural medium brown hair achieves the perfect color.



Who don’t love dark chocolate? Adding this rich color of chocolate to hair this winter will look great. It helps making the hair look versatile and soft. Light and warm undertones are ideal for this hair color. Naturally black and dark hair will achieve the best result.


Chocolate hair color trends for winter 2017 2018


Face Framing Highlights

Face framing highlight will work for you no matter what haircut you have. It helps in giving bold and feminine look besides brightening the face. Your stylist will help you in applying the suitable color shade according to your face shape and hair color.

This hair color can be applied by everyone with all face shape and hair color. The highlight shade is applied only on the front section on few piece of hair.

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