Edgy Long Hairstyles You Will rock in 2017-2018

Long hairs are not easy to carry and style but you can carry lots of hairstyle while playing with long hair. Braid, low buns, knots and many others are the most exercised hairstyles on long hair. Here are few of the hairstyle which will add more fun and attraction to your personality.


Long hair twists and wrap

This hairstyle is full of fun when you have thicker hair and long. To achieve this hairstyle, blow dry hair and gather all the hair at the back. Take four section of hair just at the crown. Twist each section and secure with bobby pins. When all done remove the pins and create a half ponytail of the twisted hair. Secure it with any elastic. Take a section of hair below the pony and wrap it around the elastic. Apply a holding spray. Medium to thick hair works for this hairstyle.


Half braided crown

One of the best advantage of long hair is you can get almost every braided hairstyle in perfect style. To get the hairstyle, gather hair from the temple area and divide into four pieces and start creating French braid and secure with bobby pins at the back. Repeat the same process on other side. You can also create French, classic and Dutch braid all looks awesome. Keep the length fall to the shoulders. Medium and straight hair works well on this hairstyle.


Gorgeous half braided crown style for 2017-2018


Long hair bump braid

This hairstyle is curled at the length, straight at the upper side and puffed ate the crown which gives the perfect princess look. To have this style, brush your hair after blow dry and make backcombing at the top section. Make a puff at the crown and secure with bobby pins. Take a piece of hair from the temple and create French braid for each sides and criss cross it at the back and under the puff. Take a curling iron and create large curls on the lengths. Medium to thick hair look great on this hairstyle.


Multi color hairstyle

This hairstyle is the combination of blonde, black, caramel and brown colors. The base of the hair is kept black and a caramel highlights. The length has shade of blonde and brown which looks awesome. You can carry a simple high ponytail or a boxer braid at the crown and then the ponytail. Carry a ponytail actual makes the color look more different and beautiful.


Pastels on long hair

In this hairstyle you can also play with colors to get more attraction. To get the hairstyle, apply a platinum blonde at the entire hair after getting that perfect shade you need to add hair pigments like pink, purple and blue. It looks sexy and modern without be so over.Carrying large curls with this hairstyle will make the look more decent and sexy.


Delicated pastels on long hair 2017 2018

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