Crochet Braided Hairstyles 2016

Crochet braided hairstyles 2016

are going to re-introduce crochet braided styles all over again and you are bound to fall in love with these beautiful hairstyles that we are about to bring forth to you. We have not seen this trend around much but due to some creativity that has been focused on working to make these braided styles come back to fashion we have successfully enlisted some of the famous hairstyles

Faux undercut with crochet braided style:

This first hairstyle that we bring for you resembles much more of a faux undercut with braids intertwined with each other. We definitely would like to tell you that finger waves are definitely making their way through pass every obstacle to be with us and come take its place so it can be back in style. This hairstyle is definitely going to attract everyone because it is going to be paired with crochet braids style that is going to look absolutely amazing.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• In order to have this hairstyle you must section off your hair. Sectioning hair to where ever you like however you want is up to you.

• Before pinning it in place so it stays secure you must braid your hair.

• Taking the parting in consideration you must now start braiding your hair from the other side. This will take it into a couple of horizontal cornrows that will allow you to surpass the parting and go directly to the ear.

• In order to make sure your hair is in place you must now set your hair (ends of the hair) to your head gently.

• With the help of a crochet needle pick up the needle and start putting up a natural looking weave in your hair.

• To make sure your hair is holding in position it is required that you use a finishing spray to hold your hair.

Additional information:

There is certainly no restriction with putting up with this style. You can have any kind of face shape to look good with crochet braids even any kind of hair texture does not really matter because any kind of hair texture will suit upon this style. The hair length that will stay appropriate for having crochet braids should be from short to medium.

Natural braided crochet style:

This next hairstyle guarantees to be amongst those hairstyles which are super and incredibly easy to carry around. Not only this style is super casual but it is a safe passage out looking for a day where you really don’t want to put up any effort with your hair and leave them the way they are. This hairstyle fits in that type of category and you shall be pleased of how easy it is to carry with zero maintenance.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• In order to have this hairstyle you must start braiding your hair in the form of cornrows. Thiscornrows must start from your forehead and go backwards.

• Once step one is accomplished now in order to make your hair in place sew the ends of your hair attaching it to the head so they do not shake around.

• With the help of a crochet needle start sewing in curly weave to your hair.

• For finesse and final touches you may use any kind of hair serum that promises gloss and shine.

Additional information:

To attain smooth curls use a nice hair product to give you that maximum comfort and joy. Always try to use any kind of curly weave which is soft and feasible for you to attach for any kind of style you want. Any type of face shape can use this hairstyle so there is no ban on any kind of face shape. All kind of hair types are welcomed to try out this hairstyle. The lengths which are allowed to test this hairstyle out is from long length of hair till medium length of hair. Finger comb your curls if you want to spread out your hair even more and want to achieve more volume.

Queen crochet twisted braid style:

This next hairstyle resembles the art and style of none other than a queen’s hairstyle. We all are very well aware and let us make this aware to you again about how finger waves have been coming back to us with their very own style. So what more better way can we possibly imagine for any lady to go through rather than just rocking the hairstyle by creating an infusion of mix and match style that definitely has the potential and element of crochet braids infused into it.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• To have this hairstyle you must partition your hair. This sectioning must be done from the boundary line of your hair line which crosses around your head.

• You must now start braiding your hair. This braiding must be done on the rest of your hair in the form of vertical cornrows.

• Make sure for them to stay in place you sew those corn rows well to your head. Sewing must be done carefully so that you do not injure yourself.

• Use straight weave for this hairstyle. In order to place those straight weave you must use a crochet needle.

• Spray any kind of hair spray or apply any kind of serum gel for finish touches to your style.

Additional information:

To have enough body wave in your hair you must use texture hair which are available these days at any point. Any kind of face shape will be suitable for this hairstyle. Those ladies who have medium hair length or even short hair length are fully welcomed to try out this hairstyle. Any kind of hair texture is suitable for this hairstyle means there is no hair texture ban on anyone.


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