Celebrity Short Hair 2015

Celebrity Short Hair 2015 You can also emulate the Brooklyn Decker hairstyle. This hairstyle tends to complement her features like fair skin and her blue eyes very well. This style also features the side parting and long sweeping fringe that tends to cover her one eye and helps to accentuate her cheek bones. This version of bob provides width and length at the cheek region. It can also be used as a good choice for balancing long faces.

The next hairstyle on this list is the Samaire Armstrong hairstyle. This is a chin length bob styles that is trendy and elegant at the same time. You can further adorn this style by adding some color to it. Another style that has been loved by women around the world is called blonde pixie. This style looks just perfect with the long fringes. You can adorn this style by using some decorative accessories.

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