Best Short Curly Formal Hairstyles 2017-2018

Short hair is considered as difficult to deal with and to wear any formal hairstyle with short hair. But in Short Curly Formal Hairstyle 2017 2018 you can style your hair for any formal event and function. This hairstyle works best on short length hair and wavy hair elasticity. This hairstyle suits on women with oval, oblong, square and diamond face structure.

The hairstyle requires very less styling time and you need to use the hairs products Wax, Smoothing Shine, and Hair Spray. This hairstyle is perfect for women with long face. This is a great look for any occasion and needs product for shine and hold. To achieve this hairstyle, follow the steps below and get any amazing hairstyle on your short hair.


Styling Steps


1. Apply Mousse

Start by applying styling mousse to your moist hair, utilizing your palm as a measuring guide, and equitably appropriate it along the hair shaft. Styling mousse will include hold and can accomplish better outcomes.


Mousse for Short Curls 2017 2018


2. Use Medium Hot Rollers

Use the medium hot roller is to give your hair looser curls.


3. Apply Hot Rollers through the Back

Now Take the back area of your hair, and after that beginning from the crown, take a littler segment of hair no more extensive than the breadth of the hot roller and go it over to guarantee there are no bunches. Put the roller at the closures of the segment of hair, being certain to smooth the finishes under, and afterward contort the roller down the hair shaft until it meets your head and after that safe it set up with a stick or clasp. Rehash this step until you have achieved the scruff of your neck and the whole back segment of your hair is finished. Keep the rollers in your hair until they cool.


4. Apply Hot Rollers Vertically to the Side

Take some sections of your hair that must have no more extensive than the distance across of the hot roller. Put the roller at the closures of the segment of hair, being certain to smooth the finishes under and after that curve the roller vertically try  to move it in reverse, along the hair shaft to the roots and secure it with a stick or clasp. Keep the rollers in your hair until they cool.


5. Tease Hair

Then pick up a small section of hair from the middle portion of your hair an brush at the roots until the hair is standing up by itself. Repeat this step to the crown and complete along the edges. Revise this step on the off chance that you require more volume.


Styling Products for Short Curly Hair 2017 2018


6. Use the styling products

Apply a little measure of wax to your fingertips and afterward neatly piece and squeeze the finishes of your hair. Then apply small amount of smoothing shine to the palms of your hands and afterward run it through the mid-lengths and closures of your hair. Finish the hairstyle by applying minimal amount of hairspray.

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