Best Easy Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks 2017-2018

Being lazy doesn’t means that you don’t want to look beautiful. Girls always search for DIY to get easy hairstyle and look stylish. Here are few hairstyle hacks for lazy girls to get ready in few minutes.


20-Second updo

The 20 second updo is an ideal hairstyle for you if you are in hurry. This is one of the quickest hairstyle which will make you look more gorgeous and stunning back. Start with dividing hair into a centre part at the back. Take the length of each side and create a knot. Twist the length and form a lower bun. Use bobby pins to secure the bun.


Easy Updo Hairstyle for lazy girls 2017-2018


Quick curls

To get the beautiful curls in seconds, gather at the hair in a ponytail at the top. Divide it into three or four parts and run a curling iron. Drop the ponytail. You are ready.


Use dry shampoo

If you have to go early in the morning and you know you might get ready, use a dry shampoo a night or at least six hour before. It helps in getting volume and shine.


Ponytail POP

Are you one of the laziest girls who always carry ponytail but don’t care the POP for longer time here is a DIY to hold a ponytail in perfect shape. Create a ponytail by collecting all the hair at the top. Pin two bobby pins under the elastic in a vertical direction and rock in high ponytail.


Hair updo with hair band

To get the easiest updo without using bobby pins and elastic use a elastic hair band and wrap the length around the hair band at the neck nape. Ready! Rock! Medium length hair works well on this hairstyle. Bangs will look great along.


Tuck and over

Another way to do the half up and half down hair is using a headband. Wear headband around the crown .wrap half of the hair around the headband at the back and let the other half fall the shoulder. Medium to long hair works on this hairstyle.


Create bun using a pencil

You can use this hairstyle if you are getting disturbed by hair during work, during a hot day out an don’t have hair pins and elastic to hold the hair up. Gather your hair at the back and make a ponytail and twist the hair to the head. Create a bun and use your pen, lip pencils or whatever you have to secure the bun. To get the tight hold first insert the pen in the bun then the head again the bun and head.


03 steps messy bun for lazy girls 2017-2018


03 Steps messy bun

This hairstyle is perfect if you have not shampoo for two days and have to go somewhere like shopping, meeting friend etc. gather all your hair to top and secure with elastic. Wrap the hair around the bun and secure with bobby pins. Use fingers to take piece out and make the hair look stylish.

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