Summer Updo for Long Hair 2015

Summer updo for long hair 2015 will certainly change your mind if you have that urge now to chop off all your long hair. We will be telling you how to not chop off your hair but still make it look like they have been chopped .So if you have any slightest doubt in mind keep reading you certainly will be bounded by this hairstyle to try it on we guarantee you that. For this hairstyle you must create a base on your hair. But the texture of your hair must be wavy, curly. This hairstyle would not set properly on straight sleek hair. Now grabbing a small portion of hair and wrapping it into a bun secure it with bobby pins. Try to keep clipping your crown hair that will give you more accessibility to create small buns that form into a nest. Once your middle section of hair is all roughly pinned up into a nest allow the crown hair to fall over the bun and start tucking the edges of your hair into the buns. There we have a choppy faux bob you can enjoy and spray away when done. Now for those who have tried the sock bun and it’s not working for them just because that stiffness is paining their necks and is way too neat looking where summer is about messy hairdos. We will tell you the messier version of a bun that you will like to recreate. For this your hair need not to be clean and washed off. Make sure your hair is unwashed for two days. The messier your hair the better and no one will suspect you to look dirty. The next step is to create a ponytail on your crown but do not pull all your hair out leaving the ends into that band creating an 8 figure. Once done tie your hair again and wrap the elastic band over your hair to create an 8 figure alike shape. If you have any doubts of having loose strands tuck your hair underneath the base of the bun for a finer look. This hair is ideal for two color tones hair that will make your hair pop even more.


Summer updo for long hair 2015 sure has made it easy for you to style your hair with perfection. Balancing the weight of making hairstyles easy and still have a stylish look is now here for you so do not delay and as soon as summer starts make sure you start styling this year. The last updo for 2015 that we will tell you is known as a rope bun. For this hairstyle make a ponytail at one side of your head. The next step is to divide the hair into 2 sections. Start twisting those sections into a clockwise position into one another away from your head. You can twist those hairs by bringing in front if it’s not being handled properly, now in a rope alike pattern tie the end with another elastic band. The last step is to wrap the rope braid into a bun and secure with bobby pins. And there you go the perfect elegant updo for summer for 2015.

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