Summer Braided Hairstyles 2015

Summer braided hairstyles 2015 are going to be ladies favorites this year’s summer 2015. We have organized one of the most inspirational braided hairstyles that will be easy for you to use in 2015. Following are the summer braided hairstyles of 2015:


Braided Fringes:
This hairstyle is easy to create and very cool to see upon. For those ladies who have fringes or bangs you can avoid them by this hairstyle and keep your forehead clean of all sweat. To create this hairstyle you must make a deep side part and braid your bangs in the opposite direction. To secure your braid behind your ear use a bobby pin and if you have thin hair you can use a elastic band of your choice, remember it will be covered behind you ear. You can braid the rest of your hair but we suggest you let your hair loose.


Rough Fishtail look:
What makes this hairstyle so powerful and full of texture that starting from the top of your head it is neat form the top that gives a perfect definition to your head. You can easily create this look yourself. And you need not to worry if your hands slip and it looks a bit messy. And hey wearing a black elastic band will make your look really funky and unnoticeable.


Blow dry Fishtail:
The above hairstyle was a neat look only allowing you to have it messy if you couldn’t get it right yourself. This hairstyle blends in the freshness of your fishtail braid with layers that have volume. To achieve this hairstyle you can blow dry you hair and try to separate your front layers to a side, you can clip them if you’d like. Try to direct your braid over to your shoulder and spray a firm hold texturizing spray so that it can hold its volume. Leave your fishtail to the end braided without the need to console an elastic band. And now for the front layer that had been clipped can be rolled by a wide barred iron to accentuate your face.


Halo Braid:
Having some wedding to attend in summer? Well this beautiful hairstyle will make u sure you look great without your long hair troubling you. The plaited headband will lie softly across your head without you even noticing it. you need to damp your hair slightly from the center creating two pigtail ponies. Let them softly be draped toward each other on the crown of your head and then you can secure these pigtails that are draped with a criss cross bobby pin. You mustn’t dry your hair by a hair dryer let them dry up by themselves.


French braids gathered look:
To achieve this hairstyle you must make irregular waves in your hair with the help of a curling iron( clampless preferred) . Part your hair from the middle and loosely braid them into two separate French braids. Tie them together over one another shoulder.

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