Justin Bieber Haircut 2016

He is a singing sensation who has been ruling the hearts of many through his singing talents and fashion sense. His hair is naturally brown and soft in texture. Over the years he has taken full advantage of his natural hair and used it for his own benefit. He has made calculated changes to his hair only sporting hairstyles that suit his face shape and hair texture. He goes for styles that can last long and help him move easily on the stage. He has been carrying styles like layered razor cut, bowl cut, mop-top and the short straight cut. The hairstyles he loves the most and has mostly been sporting include spiked faux-hawk. The back and sides of the hair in this style are cut neatly. He loves to sport the jagged cut on the top which allows height. The other hairstyle loved by Bieber is called side swept formal hairstyle.  He is still young and energetic going strong and will be sporting many new hairstyles in the years to come.

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