Cool Hairstyles 2015 for Long Hair

Cool Hairstyles 2015 for Long hair are going to be unique and easy to do. Following are this year’s cool hairstyles 2015 for long hair.


Twisted Ponytail Variation:
Having to recreate a ponytail over and over is really boring; this twisted version of ponytail will make sure you never say no to ponytails again. All you have to do to acquire this look is to create a side part or middle part depending upon how you want it and twist your hair on either side separately and join them at the back of your head to a ponytail. You can wrap a strand of hair to that pony tail to make it look more feminine.


Classic Pompadour:
To achieve this hairstyle all you must do is to affirm that you have straight sleek hair, then take your front hair and tease them to the back once you have then secure it with bobby pins. Now this was only for the front middle section hair, taking your side hair and attaching to that puffed up/ teased hair and letting those end of your hair fall over your neck you are ready.


French Braid:
There is surely no braid that can compete with the finesse as the French braid. This is why we advise you it is the most versatile hairstyle for long hair. You can create this hairstyle by your own and let no one tell you that this cannot be achieved on someone’s hair be themselves. All you need is little faith and practice to prove them entirely wrong. This look gives a neat and tidy look and makes sure that all your hair are intact.


Boho Braid:
To show off your long hair like a celebrity and achieve that attention that you always desired, ladies we present you the boho braid. For this look you must take a small section of your hair from the temple of your head and braid it very neatly. Let no strands come out or give them the space to run. Flip that braid to the other side and let it be secured with a bobby pin. You can leave this braid alone or you can replicate this into more than 3 braids that will ultimately give that hipster look. And a hipster look always is best to wear without accessory or anything fancy. Keeping it simple and having a smoky eye shadow to go with it will be advisable.


Knot-So-Braided Bun:
For this look you must wear a ponytail on your crown and to the highest peak of your head. Once you do secure your hair with an elastic band. Then braid your hair till the end. Once you have completed this step you can start wrapping the braided hair into a bun shape and secure it with bobby pins. It is highly fun and easy to create and you won’t need an extra pair of hands. You can easily do it yourself and enjoy the bun while you head out. Nobody will ever know you created this hairstyle.

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