Cool Hairstyles 2015 for Guys

Cool hairstyles 2015 for guys have something spectacular for them that will leave them astonished. For the first hairstyles it is necessary that your hair must be straight at all time and it honestly doesn’t matter what the consistency of hair, but beware if your hair is either curly or wavy you must not proceed and wait for your turn that would be coming up later in this article. For this hairstyle your hair should be short as necessary from the sides and it should fade out till into your nape as well as your sideburns. But make sure that your hair should be at least an inch and a half from the top so that you can use gel later on to keep those hair intact. This hairstyle will leave a bad ass image. For the next coolest hairstyle of 2015 will be applicable of men for all ages. This hairstyle has been surely been noticed before on celebrities as David Beckham and Justin Bieber. This hairstyle will definitely make you attractable and make sure you aren’t left behind in the big crowd. While applying this hairstyle it is advisable for guys not to who have very bushy alike curly hair or very thick since the hairstyle that you would be wanting won’t come in great shape in the end. All you have to do is build up the pomp by leaving three inches on top of the hair and you can keep your side lengths as you desire. To style it even more you can blow dry the top hair straight to the back to give that celebrity alike look you are wanting.
Cool hairstyles 2015 for guys are not only for those who own small hair. Long hair for guys is equally trending and we can see that from Brad Pitt the infamous celebrity. Letting those hair grow has never been masculine and be sure to not allow those long hair to grow past your shoulder or else you will look absolutely boring. Long hair doesn’t require much of a hairstyle. A headband such as David Beckham who use to wear in his soccer plays would look fine or a low pony tail All you have to do is pop in a barber shop ever 8-10 weeks to trim those edges or else you would be giving the image of a character from a depressing old romance novel. Yes as promised for those who own very curly/ wavy hair and have no idea what is in for 2015 we will remind you to stay put in your seats and breathe because for you guys you have to allow your hair to grow two inches on the sides and it must be three on the top. And after that all you need is some good hair products to create texture so that they easily have their movement. You can also add some low lights that will give your hair some extra shine while they bounce.

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