Latest Chignon Hairstyles Ideas for 2017

The chignon hairstyle is easiest and simplest hairstyle to adopt during working hour, workout, office, walks, and even in different formal events. It is classic and sophisticated.


Twisted chignon

This is a bit different from a simple chignon. To get the bun the hair is twisted at the back and piece of hair is left at the face fro face framing. To get the hairstyle, first blow dry wet hair and pull all the hair at the back. Take a piece of hair at the temple and leave it around the face. Then at the back take a section of hair from the extreme end, twist it and bring it to the opposite side pin it and repeat on the other. Here the twisted chignon is ready. This hairstyle is ideal for oval and square face structure. Hair that is medium to thick in density works well on this hairstyle.


Bridesmaid chignon

The bridesmaid is simple and lovely hairstyle which can be carried for any event with accessories. To get the hairstyle you need to apply styling cream on wet hair. Comb the entire hair to the back. If you have bangs, keep it to a side swept. Create a low ponytail at the neck and pull the length upward and secure with bobby pins to the head. Keep in mind to keep a piece of hair aside from the bun at one side. Create a French on that piece and wrap it around the bun. Those who have long and thick hair they will get the perfect chignon. This hairstyle is ideal for all face structure.


Sentimental low bridesmaid chignon hairstyle 2017-2018.jpg


High twisted chignon

The high twist chignon is simple which does not require much product to get styled. This hairstyle can be carried in formal events as well as causal.All you need to do is apply a styling cream on damp hair and blow dry it. Comb the entire hair and create a high ponytail twist the length and pull the end and create a bun. Secure with a bobby pin. This hairstyle is ideal for oval, square and diamond face structure. Hair that is medium to thick in density works well for it.


Side swept chignon

The side swept chignon is a lovely and simple hairstyle which is trending these days. The side swept chignon is ideal hairstyle for wedding events but can be carried for any event. Follow these step t get the hairstyle. Apply a styling cream and blow dry. Create curls using a curling iron. Make some back combing at the crown section. Pull the hair to one side and pull it just at the level of the ear. Twist the length and make a bun. Secure with bobby pins. This hairstyle works for all face structure. Fine to medium hair works well with it.


Side swept chignon style for brides 2017 - 2018

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