Causes of Premature Hair Graying

Causes of Premature Hair Graying are going to be given to you where we tell you what may be the reasons that in today’s time age as young of 20 years are having their grey hair. But before starting we would like to introduce to a pigment called melanin that is responsible for the duty to allow our hair the color that is naturally given to us. If the melanin level is low the lighter shade of our hair color would be or in some words we can say they would be grey. The premature hair graying may be associated with the melanin level being decreased in an early age. But this may not only be the reason there are other causes of hair graying at such an early level. With the modern times eating healthy concept is slipping away from the generation. By being healthy you are not only eating healthy but choosing what’s right for you. What you eat will be a reflection to not only on your health but as well as your hair and it will reflect on your skin. By eating non healthy foods like we see in our young generation you are actually weakening your hair and damaging them in a way that you might not even know and graying is one of them.


Causes of premature hair graying may be linked with genetics. Something that has been inherited by you by your parents, if they suffered the same premature hair graying issue then its most likely this condition will pass on to their offspring’s. It has been proven with the help of scientific research that mostly this condition is due to the genetics that has been passed on to you by blood. And if your partner has the same issue it will pass on to your blood line of offspring. So there is not much you can do in that regard. It’s a common phenomena that although hasn’t been proven by science study but it is said that the more stress you take the more it affects your health. Indirectly we mean to say that if you over stress and keep stressing for a long time there is a higher probability that you are going to get grey hair pretty much sooner than you anticipated. People who have been fighting their health issues from a young age or have thyroid problems may have a higher a very high risk of getting under the influence of premature hair graying since stress level is too also involved in such kind of situations because nobody likes to stay sick all the time. Vitamin B 12 is a very important vitamin for your body regarding this aspect of issue. If you are getting less or very little amount of vitamin B12 you may likely get grey hair a very young age.

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