Latest 2018 Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

1. Braided Side Bun

The Braided Side Bun is one of the most beautiful and bold hairstyle for wedding is braided side bun. It helps enhancing the bridal dress and the makeup.

Steps to style

1. Start by combing your hair and divide the hair from one side.

2. To make the bangs look beautiful comb it to one side

3. Take all the hair to one side at the back and make a pony then create braid on it.

4. Make the braided hair to a bun at one side.

5. Secure with hair bobby pins.

6.Apply a holding spray at the end.


Curled updo wedding hairstyles

2. Curled Updo Wedding Hairstyle

Curled updo is another beautiful hairstyle for black women wedding day. Black women usually carry curly hair so this hair will rock on them.

Steps style

1. Brush your damp hair and create a deep side part.

2. Women who don’t have curly hair can use a curling iron and create curls on the hair.

3. Pull the hair to the back and use bobby pins to secure the curls.

4. Apply hairspray on your hairstyle. Use serum to add shine for the finishing touches.


3. Royal High Side Bun

The royal high bun is an easy hairstyle. The high side bun enhances the face while the sweeping bang helps in face framing.

Steps to style:

1. Strat with applying a styling cream to damp hair.

2. Comb the bangs in any direction you want.

3. Now comb the remaining hair to one side you want.

4. Create braid on the ponytail and create a side bun.

5. Applying a shining and holding product.


Classic bridal bun for black women

4. Classic Bridal Bun

The classic bridal bun is very attractive and amazing hairstyle which you make you rock on your big day. The hairstyle has curls pinned in such a beautiful way.

Steps to Style

1. Start with brushing your damp hair.

2. Pull all the hair and create a high pony tail.

3. Create curls on the ponytail.

4. Now start styling the hair and secure the curls in a beautiful bun.

5. Apply a hair spray to hold your hairstyle. 

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