2018 Dope Hairstyles for Quick Hair Growth

The hairstyles are easy to manage and effortless to style. Below are some hairstyle to manage long hair and getting better style.


1.Free Flowing Tresses with Red Violet

The free flowing tress with red violet style gives classic and unique look.  You can carry this hairstyle for any occasion.Women with all hair type and face shape can adapt this hairstyle for any time and event.

Steps the Style:

1. First shape your hair in a style to achieve a beehive like pattern

2. Then keep some hair in the ends, so you can achieve a split

3. Repair your hair in from across the outer region until the top of your head

4. Part your hair into your most liked direction.


2. Ombred Goddess

The Ombred goddess is a pop hairstyle which contains different color. It not only gives pop but also professional style to carry for office etc.The style can be made to order by women with round and oval face structure and any type of hair will work on it.

Steps the Style

1. You can add light shade if you have dark hair only on the top part of the head.

2. Cut the bang in a Barbie cut which will helps in face framing.

3. Run a flat iron the bang to get more beautiful look.


ombre dope hairstyles 2018


3. Princess Layers Hairstyles

The princess layers hairstyle is an effortless and less time taking hairstyle. The hairstyle has weaves which can be carried in any way whether pinned curl, loose waves or make ponytail etc.The hairstyle works on pear oval and round face structure while all hair type rocks on this style.

Steps the Style:

1. Applying a styling product and heat protection on damp hair.

2. Start with laying tracks at the nape section.

3. Lay track from side to side when reached at crown section.

4. Cut the front section in Barbie bang style.

4. Use a curling iron at the end to the edges of the hair.


4. Tousled Tresses

The tousled tresses are classic and causal hairstyle which can be carried daily as well as for special event. It is easy to manage and style.

Steps the Style

1. Start with applying a styling product on damp hair.

2. Dry out the hair using a round brush.

3. Apply heat protection to entire hair.

4. Use a curling iron and create waves on the hair.

5. Use your fingers to blend the hairstyle.


Tousled dope hair looks 2018

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