2016 Hairstyles Of Men

The first 2016 hairstyle of men is the popular contemporary quiff. We all know as to how king sized quiff have uphold and maintained their popularity, fame and class all this time period just because of its class and versatility that we don’t see much often these days. This hairstyle is going to be trending in 2016 due to the very reasons that are mentioned above. Not only is this style easily fit for all face shapes and face cuts but also there is no age limit and is easily adaptable for all ages so with time we can simply say that this hairstyle is never growing old. We have many celebrities wearing and pulling of this hairstyle so it is without a doubt the most famous hairstyle of all times. You can get a slick quiff with a hairspray that should be sprayed from a distance; this tip shall help you hold the most daring quiff you’ve ever had in your life. 2016 has definitely indicated us that this year men must expect more from this hairstyle as you will be having exposure from the back and the side adding much more needed volume that should be on the sides If you want the old classic quiff you can always ask your hairstylist to let a few inches of hair at back and sides. You want much volume so try to avoid any product that will weigh your hair down, we want much power and boost so that your quiff remains intact even if you are struggling the whole day with your busy routine.

• If you are a man who loves to keep long hair well this 2016 hairstyle is exactly what you are looking for. Do not worry as long hair is definitely appreciated by the year 2016 so avoid cutting off your locks imagining that 2016 is about short hair because as it is of short hair it is of long hair as well. Man buns are enormously going to be trending in 2016. Not only this hairstyle is sexy, classy but also this boho style will help you put in less effort to your hair letting you enjoy your day and look amazing with eyes piercing onto your hairstyle. This hairstyle is not definitely restricted to any one kind of hair type. Anyone can wear this hairstyle from those men who own curly hair as well as to those who have straight hair. If you want something different for your long locks in this New Year well you can always add an undercut infused into your bun. This shall be acquired by keeping your long hair on the top longer and the ones that are on the bottom shall be trimmed and clipped away. This amazing new style will be asked by plenty and adapted quicker than you think so why not you giving it a try yourself?


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