2016 Haircut Trends

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2016 haircut trends bring you short hairstylesthat have already gone mainstream. Pixie, bob and chic razor haircutshave gained immense popularity in the New Year. Below are the 2016 haircut trends mostly set by celebrities and models.


Razor haircut

When it comes to razorhaircut, it would make you appearmore confident, sexy and beautiful. Thehairstyle is in geometric shape with texturedends. People with round face will look more beautiful and charming with this haircut. It is easy to get style. Working women also like it because it is less time consuming.


Tapered haircut

If you have long hair,you should go for the tapered haircut. This haircut can give you a retro 70s flairlook. To achieve this haircut, you should start bycutting the hair from the front to the length of your chin. In this type of cut, your hair tips become flexible with increased movement. Moreover, the soft hairlinesand the remaining hair will fall freely. You will look more beautiful and feminine in the tapered haircut.


Casual long hairstyle

Women who love long hair can apply the casual long hairstyle to look elegant and stylish. The haircut gives a soft and smooth look. It also makes you appear hot with the stylish waves. Moreover, thewaves at the bottom would also get more momentum. Besides giving a natural look, this haircut is easy to manage and is less time consuming.


Messy ponytail

Messy ponytail is another haircut thatthat can give you a chic and trendy appearance.You can carry this haircut with any outfit, whether formal or informal, for both day and night parties. To garnish your hairstyle, you can wear the hair up, but the ponytail gives more dramatic and stylish look. Women with any type of face shape can apply this haircut.


Romantic haircut

The romantic haircut is for women with medium, long as well as short hair. The best thing about this haircut is that you can appear romantic and beautiful in it. For medium and long hair, create a pony at the back, and then twist the hair fall to create anup do at the back. You can use a flower as an accessory to get an even more charming look.


Sleek blonde haircut

Sleek blonde haircut is one of the most trending haircuts in 2016. This haircut has a blaze of the past days. The haircut gives you a soft and lovely look, thanks to the nostalgic elements from the past that have been intelligently mingled with modern day style. The resulting layers would give you hair a soft and natural look. People who apply soft and less makeup can wear this haircut to gain more attention on any occasion.


Hair with dimension

Hair with dimension is another popular haircut falling under the bob hairstyle. To achieve this hairstyle, the length of the hair has to be a bit longer at the front, just below the chin with a layer from the back. However, the hair length should be short at the back. Itcreates and gives thickness to the neck at the back. People with oval and round face shape can apply this haircut to appear chic and graceful.



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