2016 Black Weave Hairstyle

2016 black weave hairstyle

is going to be discussed in this article. We will be telling you as to what kind of weave styles you can easily recreate from simple steps to give you the best response in 2016. Is it not apparent that everyone is now fascinated by the idea of having hair extensions? Like literally wherever we set our gaze upon we can see that everywhere there is a hair extensions virus going on which is super cool for those who don’t have enough hair but still can recreate styles by having long hair extension. It is without a doubt that hair extensions have been excessively been trending are on mainstream highlight right now these days. Where this hair extension virus came from is the real question. Well we know for a fact that hair extensions have been highlighted and were exposed by the celebrities. We have been seeing and watching celebrities on channels all day long watching how they have been supporting hair extensions as for a fact it may seem for a second that celebrities are known not to just quite get enough of these extensions.

In this article we will be presenting some weave hairstyles that you may easily rock anywhere and just about any time when you want. These weave styles will be incredibly stylish and sporty to wear means that it can be accommodated and blended into your routine at day timings as well as night timings. So let’s begin and start discussing all those steps and important details as to what these weave styles are and how you can wear them easily without any discomfort.

Sided Swept weave style with curls:

This weave style can easily look great not just on any simple event and function but can be totally worn as a bridal hairstyle. Not only is this weave style really easy to make which will take time off your hands because you don’t really need much patience or time to make so it will make it a whole lot easier for you to look great and will not be a hindrance for you. This weave style is absolutely divine because of its way of curls being twisted and curved to the point that they are neatly resting to one side of your head which makes it much much easier for you to carry that look of royal elegance.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• The first step to have this hairstyle of weaves which are intricately and delicately made is that you must at first (before styling) prepare yourself for this hairstyle. You must for this hairstyle at least buy 18 inches long hair extensions.

• Hair extensions are easily applied on hair. There are so many ways to apply hair extensions on your hair 1) clip on where you can just clip it on your hair 2) glue them on your hair. The kind of hair extensions depends upon your type as to what kind of hair extensions you want to use in your hair.

• Now we begin with styling your hair. For this you must part your hair to one side. Make sure the partition is well made and there are no fuzzy lines while you part your hair. Since this weave style is bridal look as well make sure you bring perfection to the hair.

• Take a large curling barrel and curl all your hair.

• You must make sure that all of your hair is properly aligned and well curled so that for the next you may then apply a nice hair lotion to your hair. Hair lotion is best to apply to curl hair because it not only add texture but also helps lengthen the curl so that you hair may have the maximum movement and you may enjoy your hair much much more.

• Flip all of your hair to one side after parting your hair (once again).

• To be exactly sure that your hair is flipped and directed to one side you may use a paddle brush for this purpose.

Additional information:

There is no science behind this hairstyle and no necessary guidelines as this weave hairstyle is the best kind of choice you may get to see. Every kind of face shape is suitable for having this weave style. There are a couple of things you may require 1) a fish tail comb for parting your hair 2) Hair lotion for your hair texture and enhancement of curls 3) Holding spray that shall be used at the very end of the hairstyle 4) a nice large curling barrel iron rod.

Weave bun style:

This weave hairstyle is absolutely ridiculously amazing for one to wear who has a love and passion for wearing weave hair in a form of an up-do we thoroughly suggest that you take a look at this hairstyle. This hairstyle reeks of simplicity where you can’t honestly find anywhere much. For all this hairstyle requires are a couple of things which may already be laying around in your beauty cabinet. You need a brush, a couple of minutes (which is definitely required for any kind of hairstyle), a clip on hair bun because it is going to help build you that bun for which you are in seek of.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• Using a hard brush you must collect your hair and bring them to a side.

• When you have successfully brought all your hair to a side you may now with the help of an elastic band secure all your hair in a ponytail position.

• Using an elastic band wrap the ponytail so that you are using hair pins so that it may easily secure your ponytail in position.

• To keep all your hair sleek and full of shine you may use any kind of hair gel. Apply hair gel to smooth out your hair in the perfect position. This application must not only on the sides of your hair but also from the front as well as back.

• Now we apply to clip on that donut shape bun on your sleek hair so that you attain the perfect weave bun style. This clip on will easily attach to your hair you may require practice at first but that too will be easy for you.

• Any kind of hair accessory may come in handy at this point but that is up to you as to how you want your hair to be.

Additional information:

This weave bun hairstyle will go on any kind of face shape and will absolutely suit on any kind of hair texture.


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