Room Design Ideas For Teenage

You can use grey on the walls for balancing the effect of hot pink color scheme. You can further tone down hot pink color by adding furniture like a black desk and chairs and a light grey rug by doing so you can achieve a well-balanced look that looks smart. Wallpaper is one more option you can explore for the teenage girl’s room. By using pale purple wallpaper you can add a feminine touch that look cheerful at the same time. You should add a sofa and some extra chairs to the room for creating more sitting space as your teenager is getting more social with age and might want to invite some friends over.

If you are looking for some inspiration for decorating your teenage boy’s room then look no further you have come to the right place. Go for some bold colors like red, black, dark grey or even trademark blue color for boys. Stone looks great on the walls of boy’s room as it gives a bold feel to the room all together. We would recommend using black and white colored furniture with walls being grey in color. Add the bright colors by using red bedding. You can further enhance the room by adding some wall papers of his favorite band. You can have endless new ideas just get to work and design the room of your teenage kid’s imagination and dreams.

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