Ways to wear denim at Coachella

The first way to wear denim is by choosing the right size of denim jeans for yourself remember that the right size of jeans shall only be applicable for you to stand is when you try on the rather than selecting it visually. You must know that the jeans must not over squeeze your tummy as it will make you look fat. Try to take those denim jeans that hug your curves and extenuate your legs perfectly. The best denim wear jeans for you is somewhat that consists of a slightly flower pattern embroidery.  Embroidered jeans especially on the thigh area will be perfect for you to wear Coachella.


Another type of denim jeans you can wear is ripped and slashed from the upper thigh and moving downwards. You can top this with any bohemian shirt and a nice long patterned necklace. A Levi’s dark mustard color denim jean can also be worn at Coachella and you would see no hint of disapprove by anyone.  It is how you accessorize you denim wear with tops that will help your denim to be bold and highlighted. You cannot solely trust on your denim to be the main focal point as even if it would it might dull out the other aspects and accessories along with it. 

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