Tips to replicate Audrey Hepburn style on a budget (part 4)

Tips to replicate Audrey Hepburn’s style on a budget can even be achieved after all these years which are of the following:

• Moving onto another fabulous tip that can absolutely help you replicate Audrey Hepburn’s style within a budget and you won’t have to worry about spending so much cash on your fashion and style is by going with a classy low maintenance haircut. Now we all know and probably it might be known to you as well that Audrey Hepburn was well known for her stylish yet simple pixie haircut. That pixie haircut was like born to be made for her. It was absolutely a perfect natural fit for her delicate and exquisite face. Not only the cut was perfect for her face cut but it was also a low maintenance and easy haircut that could be styled up or down even sideways that was totally depending upon the event.


In order to maintain such a haircut it is necessary that you visit your stylist or hairdresser so that he/she may trim frequently and avoid those branches of grown hair that are being grown out of proportion. The most amazing fact to such a low maintenance haircut is you must visit your stylist for regular trimming but that will stop you to spend a fortune on hair products. You wouldn’t feel the need to use any spray for your low maintenance haircut, even mousse or any kind of other hair product. And need not we remind you that the amount of time you spend on your hair styling and fixing wouldn’t be a problem as well. We are going to be telling you some important and one of the most chic maintenance haircuts that you can easily carry. Celebrities have been taking these haircuts over the years and little do they have to take time out for handling these haircuts. The first one that Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow used to style their hair cut would be the classical pixie cut. Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker use to most of the times keep shoulder length blunt cut.


Little maintenance with a whole lot of style you may see. Choppy bob is another fantastic low maintenance haircut in which Julianne Hough and Dianna Agron use to keep. You must give your hairstylists some advise as to how you want your haircut to be. A picture of the desired haircut can be most ideally use to be. Give yourself a haircut that is low maintenance and it is a wash and go form. Where you have to use less products and more natural hair of your own. Less pricey products will only benefit you and your hair in the long run.

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