Tips to replicate Audrey Hepburn style on a budget (part 3)

Tips to replicate Audrey Hepburn’s style on a budget can even be achieved after all these years which are of the following:

• Moving on how to replicate Audrey’s Hepburn style within a budget you must learn on concentrating and diverting your attention towards accessories that will go with your style. We already know that some of Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic possessions are her accessories. We can take certain examples from this such as when we came to saw her film “Roman Holiday” we came across the stunning crown she wore. Moving on to the next example when talking about her most iconic movie possessions are those wayfarer style shades that she wore on “Breakfast with tiffany’s”.


Now you may persuade this concept in a totally whole new direction. But let us say that a crown or those way farer style shades were an element that needed to be added into her costume at that very time but apart from that we know that Audrey Hepburn was known for her jewelry, headscarves even gloves that she use to wear off the set. This was her way of elevating that classic basic style to make it more eye catching. Not only eye-catching but also a little more trendier than ever. If you want to accessorize and glamorize then you certainly must start taking a page from Audrey’s playbook notebook! You must learn to focus on positive energy on accessories. Not only you can find and buy them on cheaper level but also lets say about a trendy dress. A trendy dress can help you easily access and help you changed to alter a whole new different an entire look. If you try and wear a neutral outfit that is made up of a tan pencil skit and white button it shall have more personality and edge if you try to wear this look with a colorful pair of pumps. On the top you can add a flashy statement necklace.


This will help you define your style and will help you get that more edge that you have been wanting to have. If you want you can always add more pattern than you want and the pattern choice is entirely up to you. You can also wear a texture with a different pattern. This can be on a breezy scarf with the right amount of texture and pattern you can certainly have that edge. If you are avoiding texture and pattern then you can add shine. There are multiple ways of adding shine to your style. One of the ways to add shine is to go with a glossy shiny lipstick that will help elevate your style. If not you can add silver or gold jewelry that is really bright. When you are out hunting down accessories that are trendy it is most okay that you bargain and hunt. Accessories get less wear and tear than clothes so if they are out of style you won’t absolutely feel guilty

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