Tips to replicate Audrey Hepburn style on a budget (part 2)

Tips to replicate Audrey Hepburn’s style on a budget can even be achieved after all these years which are of the following:

• Moving onto the second part of this article with our next tip always remember to choose a signature piece if you are interested in replicating Audrey’s Hepburn style within a budget. Whenever we lay eyes on Audrey’s Hepburn classical images or remember her there is always one thing that pops in our mind and catches our attention. It was her simple black flats that were always the main item of the picture that was seen to be worn everywhere. Her simple black flats are known to be worn with everything i.e. from circle skirt to ankle length pants and what not. And without a surprise her simple black pants never looked out of proportion or way too odd. They complimented everything she wore.


As we remember it was her classical black flats that captured our attention but when we surveyed and asked around we came to know that others didn’t catch those black simple flats as her signature item in her style but it was her sheath dress or those mesmerizing classic shades that made her style unique and special. Whatever she wore repeatedly our point is to highlight that those signature items made it absolutely flawless and perfect with the rest of her style and closet. As we can come to conclusion that this made her style much more natural, realistic and turned it into a cohesive look that made it completely on her own. So when talking about adding a signature piece and adding it in your style to make it much more of your own rather than wearing a style that reeks of replicated fashion there is definitely something to be said for choosing a signature piece or two for your wardrobe. It can absolutely take a lot of the guesswork out of getting dressed. When you know that signature piece is there meant to be for you to rock your own style it makes it much more less complicated to take a search out for things that are trending and you can easily avoid it because you already have a style that you love to rock in whether it may be a straight legged pant or etc.


Take a note from Audrey’s style that one signature piece of item can out do 10 of the fashion trend that are lately trending. We have some of the following signature piece that you can take an idea from or even choose these to be your own signature item which are a great pair of riding boots, V neck sweaters that can be used for a number of various looks, a well stitched and tailored blazer that will look absolutely brilliant for office days, black pumps as Audrey Hepburn.

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