Tips to replicate Audrey Hepburn style on a budget (part 1)

Tips to replicate Audrey Hepburn’s style on a budget can even be achieved after all these years which are of the following:

• The first tip that we can tell you to all our readers who are interested to learn as to how to replicate the famous iconic style of Audrey Hepburn is that one should always opt for the most basic steps. If you ever have come across Audrey Hepburn’s style in the images you will be shocked to know that Audrey had a simple taste when to dress up and style on casual days. She didn’t go to fancy as of today’s celebrities. Her style was charismatic and well put if she was to attend any awards show, there we would see her all pampered up and dressed up. The designated tailors that were under Audrey’s order and command had the knick of being simple as possible and didn’t go to much trendy and stylish.


If we were to explore Audrey’s closet or wardrobe we would be seeing a lot skinny pants, simple and elegant dresses along with dark shirts. These were all so commonly known as her basic item of clothing’s. If you are going with basic clothing you will be able to save a lot more cash than you might thin and this will help you build a lot stronger wardrobe. As well as buying basic clothing if you buy the right quality of clothes that is expensive and fine in material not only you are doing yourself a favor but your clothes are going to be lasting much and when say much we mean much much longer and you can rerepeat the set of clothes every year season after season without a worry incorporating more stylish items to your clothes. Clothes shouldn’t at all be bought under the impression of a new fashion trend. If your foundation is strong (i.e. basics) then you can pile your foundation on it and you wouldn’t have to worry of it tumbling down. You will always have to not worry as your perfect foundation is going to help carry that fashion weight on top of it. You can buy some of the following classic basic items and then add on colors and wear accessories on top of it to build the fashion.


These items that are going to be mentioned now may sound and be pricey but trust us when we tell you that these items shall help you save a lot of money afterwards when you go out and buy your fashion equipment gear with it to help make you look stylish. You may consider this as an investment in your own overlook style and clothes. So following are the simple basic pieces i.e. you may buy a pencil skirt in any neutral color for $50, a trench coat for $75, white tailored button shirt for $ 50 or 60, a neutral colored well cut blazer for $50.


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