Sandals problematic issues for women

This article will help you get through the nature of sandals and is definitely informative for those people who are thinking that sandals are their savior. We suggest that you might want to think of that statement once again after you have read this article and understood what it is surely like to survive in those sandals. So the first problematic issue that comes forth in this article is about the mess that sandals create. And this mess isn’t directed towards the mental stress mess but it is leaning towards the actual meaning of mess. Sneakers as comparison to sandals create less mess in your house even though you have passed a great amount of time outside. Whether you are out all day and still come back home you need not to exchange or swap shoes since sneakers do not give you a hard time afterwards when you start house cleaning chores yourself. But Sandals do certainly if worn for a good amount of time even for half a day and be roamed in it to all places you seem to get your bottoms of your very own sandals dirty which you have no idea how and when this happened in the first place. If someone would come that moment and see your home it clearly would seem as you have been inviting mud into your home as your guest. No matter which ever shoe type you wear you certainly won’t feel the same excruciating pain that your pinky toe gets by a pair of sandals. It’s like your pinky toe is on a quest from the moment you slip on your sandal to fight back with all it s mighty little force in order to break free.


Although you might want to think again as your pinky toe although fighting for its life is seriously injuring itself and you do not want to at the end of a day feel like watching a swollen injured little sweet pinky toe. A golden foremost important rule that can cause problems is never to wear sandals if your feet didn’t get their special treatment i.e. having a pedicure. Sandals always look sexy and bold when your feet are in perfect shape and their nails are well maintained. This can only happen if your feet have received their pedicure treatment else you may want to rethink of any other option of shoe that you have in lined for. We have talked about the torture your pinky toe gets while wearing sandals but let us not forget to add another special torture that is wearing band-aids for a month at the back of your heel because of the sandal prisons your feet can not take such much pain.


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