Sandals problem for women

• The first problem of sandals that we would like to discuss with you ladies might give you a shocker but trust us telling you will only clear the clouds up above you. Well we all get used to and adjusted to wearing sandals. But there is a certain time period as to one can wear as sandals are not designated to be worn all year round. The question is for those ladies in particular when talking about winter what choice do they have when they have been accustomed of wearing sandals in the first place. Well we advise they shouldn’t get so much used to wearing sandals all the time because when winter strikes hard you have to come back and wear regular shoes. This might give you mentally a hard time as well as physically. Because your feet haven’t been adjusted to regular shape they might not feel great and you end up feeling like a little brat who has been told their holidays are over and its back to school time.

• The most annoying problem that has occurred due to sandals is that you facing your sandal strap breaking apart from the bottom of the shoe. Ladies have been frustrated and angry because their sandal always get the best of them and deceive them when they need them the most. So we advise always check your sandals before you head out. Always lightly grab the strap so you are sure of any ripping out signs. Else if you don’t check you will be hobbling and hopping with one leg all the way back.

• There has been constant comments on sandals especially platform sandals that are aren’t leveled down on the floor and ladies feeling like they are being up in air most of the time which cause them to lose balance. It is because sandals are made this way that their balance is equally proportional to gravity itself. The weight of the sandal might be heavier and this is why ladies have the constant fear of death dwindling upon their heads whenever they are inclined to wear sandals for any occasion and event. So we sincerely request all those who are a part of sandal making that make and create platform sandals that feel genuinely attached to the earth gravity or else who knows we all ladies might think we are floating in air one day.

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