Sandal disaster every woman face

Following are some of the common sand al disaster every woman is bound to face at some point:
• The first sandal disaster we would like to tell you that all of you ladies must have faced. Ever woken up perfectly fine thinking this is a perfect day to wear a sandal by which you most certainly do. It is like your feet have been solely made for your sandals because they absolutely fit in perfectly without leaving any discomfort. But with the passage of time let us imagine evening timing you are feeling a bad ache in your feet and you literally want to escape that torture. Just because you are outside you can’t but you can literally visualize your feet as swollen neck rolls. Yes we all have to see the inevitable because we don’t know why we had to face this wrath in the first place.

• Another common disaster that ladies have to face when wearing sandals is that worse smell that you have to bear when you come anywhere near or in contact with your feet. It is always a good thing for you to keep a fresh spray that helps to remove the odor of your feet with you at all time. No wonder when we meet so many ladies wearing sandals we can tell by the look of their face neither they are enjoying that smell nor they want to spill in their secret with you as well. It is like they do want no one to judge about them and want them to tell everything by themselves.

• When coming to the facts there is no surprise ladies that sandals do not come in a variety. We all the comfort and easy going of sandals but the designs that are present in the market and shops are hopeless and useless. You aren’t alone of not liking them because I am pretty much sure many ladies have the same complaint. It is like not admiring the designs and wanting to pull out your hair. We hope that cute girly designs of sandals do come rolling in near time soon else trust us ladies won’t hesitate creating chaos of their sandals.

• Ever having the need to run in sandals but couldn’t and were held back against your will of your shoe ah yes the majestic sandal which doesn’t have the capacity to run because of its built structure and by the end of the marathon in your sandals you end up in your sandals with a 90 percent average of your feet more dirtier than you ever had in your life.

The sandal disasters are a truly eye shocking revelation for those who might be interested in investing their interest in purchasing sandals. We ask you to think again before you take the leap and regret in the long run.

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