Mens Fashion 2016

Along with different styles and emerging fashions, some elements become of vital interest in a man’s life, such as the styles of watches, shoes, shades, sneakers and trendy sunglasses for you to make you look more fashionable. A man is judged with three important components: his hair, a firm handshake and his shoes. We are close to the year 2016 and stylish men are excited to start new fashion in coming season.

Statement stripes
The statement stripes supports both causal and formal clothing and stripes. The stripes are given a pride of place in collections of fashion and provided wide variety of clothes, including both handmade staples like trousers and shirts for you as well as more confortable jumpers and accessories.

The stripes in 2016 contain constant spring and summer trends. So you must not worry because there will be no shortage of fashion options for you. There are also choices of thicker block stripes and bold colored styles that will bring a look of up to date twist to your eternal fashion designs.

It will be important for you to remember that there are different stripes and they all have different effects on your overall size, body features, and personality and facial shape. The horizontal stripe tends to make your look wider because it breaks up the vertical outline. While the vertical stripes draw the eye down quickly it gives illusion of length or height.
If you’re short and have thick body, it will be better to avoid the horizontal stripes whereas if you are tall and thin, then you must stay away from the vertical stripes.

Seeing red
As red is definitive, bold and vibrant colour, so young men in 2016 aspire to appear bold, powerful and stylish. Mens fashion 2016 feature different shades of red color, ranging from blood to brick. Often it is considered that it is complicated to choose colors particularly for fair skin men, and then red is the best for them as it gives blow to both causal and smart look. You can simply try crimson crew neck t-shirt or pair of cherry chino shorts.

If you are not afraid to properly submerge yourself in the trend, you can wear a deep red color suit with white button down shirt and black leather, which will look outstanding for evening wear and for any warm weather events.

Florals has seen a gentle trend but this fashion is snowballing over the past two years. Florals are now once again in men fashion 2016 for modern gents wear. An increasing number of brands are now coming up with their own distinctive styles of Florals. Discovering the floral of your favorite style is now easy. To encompass this trend into your own style, you just need to make your floral printed piece the crucial point of your look and structure it accordingly.




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