Guideline for blazer

We know that blazer is a light weighted jacket that is looser fitting than any other kind. Blazers are usually known to be tailored by the finest and delicate manners that there is to be that is either black or it can be plain navy. Blazers also consist of two side vents with having brass buttons. Many blazers are known to have thigh length which means narrower and much more composed. We can easily spot breast pocket badges that can be seen on blazers that give a more stylish and more maneuvered look. Blazers for their chic look are bound to make even jeans sexy and appealing so you can imagine the effect it has all alone. Blazers are known to go with a variety of looks but we here will be discussing three looks that can help you get an idea of the basic things that can look absolutely amazing with a common simple blazer. Following are enlisted below:
• The first is blazers can never disappoint you if you wear them with short jeans. Now many of you might be scratching your heads as to why this look? Because the answer is simple the looks is appealing and even the famous celebrity as Beyonce has been spotted so many times wearing this look. This style is not only trendy but can be incorporated into your casual day outfit. Short shorts with a blazer don’t seem that bad at all. A replica of a Chanel blazer with short shorts, now that’s what we are talking about.

• Moving onto the next style that we shall be discussing is the use of Graphic tees with blazer. Not only is this look super fun but also wonderful. This look and style has been considered one of the favorite looks by many and how come we couldn’t discuss this look with you that would be just impossible. An oversized graphic tee can look super sexy and cute. And it may just fascinate so many members around your community to replicate your style. Pair this with some ragged jeans to give it more of an elevated look and we promise you are going to be a fashion icon amongst your neighborhood.

• Pairing blazers with plaid might be the last thing on your mind but hey everything is giving worth a try for and this look we not only have tested but approved as well and so should you. You can look super cute for your date wearing this style. Your innocence and personality can easily be reflected wearing this.

WE hope these guideline have been not only helpful but also worth your attention.





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