Different types of styles with black t shirt

Different types of styles with black t shirts are of the following:
• The first kind of style that we would like to tell you is all about you being a punk princess. We all know that the 90s have been back with a bang and this era of fashion is still prevailing in the present time. With the 90s arrival all that comes with it is plaid and punk and nothing more and obviously nothing less. We absolutely love the idea of black t shirts adapting the punk style and being a part of your wardrobe. All you can do with this look is easy and quite simple. For starts you must put on the shirt so that the neck sits above your hips. Then you can use the sleeves to be tied around your neck or there is another choice that is to tie it around the back for a nice neat tube top look. And who wouldn’t love this tube top look eh?

• The next type of style that we would like to inform you on in is that you can absolutely wear a belt around your black t-shirt. Just because your shirt is black and plain doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize it. Yes you are thinking right. You can turn long sleeves into a belt or you can use a simple belt that has a feminine touch to it. You can use the sleeves to be rolled up and be wrapped around easily. You can also use the sleeves to create a knot at the front to give it more of a stylish look.

• Another type of style that can’t be forgotten is to adapt and infuse a bohemian look with your black t shirt. There many of us who just can’t say goodbye to either i.e. bohemian lifestyle or black color. So why not mashing these both elements together. You can wear a hippie maxi dress over your black t shirt and layer it up as much as you want. To add more of a chic boho style you can add up a knot to the bottom of your maxi dress to give it more of an edgier look.

• Who said that black t shirts aren’t for evening wear? Whoever next time advices you that we would like you to dress up and give them the response of how it is totally perfect for such evening wears. We totally adore the idea and combination of someone wearing a black t shirt with a nice lace or taffeta formal skirt. You may finish off this look with a smash by wearing some killer shoes and tie your hair in a ballerina bun and letting some loose strands make way down gently.

• Another good one for a light packing fashionista, pull your shirt up around your waist and use the sleeves to create definition as a sort of built-in belt.



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