Dita Von Teese

Her entrepreneur skills are marvelously polished and she does quite often come to act as well.  Many claim her as the iconic figure who has helped reintroduced and help popularize burlesque performances. She is also known to be once the wife of the infamous celebrity Marilyn Manson but due to irreconcilable differences Dita had to divorce the man she loved. Dita was not born as Dita Von Teese. Her original name is known by Heather Renée Sweet. So the question lies as to how she received her name and title. Dita got her name by adopting the name itself Dita as a honor tribute to Dita Parlo. In order to be in Playboy cover she had to have a surname and then she went along with Von Treese that was misspelled afterwards. But Dita didn’t let that name bother her so she stuck to Von Teese as It was and didn’t find the need to change it. Due to the continuous years of wearing a corset Dita is known to reduce her waistline from 22 inches to 16.5 inches. She is known to appear in a number of magazines. With such beauty she surely knows how to be the face of many magazines. 

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