Christina Hendricks

. She has been regularly been nominated for Emmy Awards due to her high performance as Joan in Mad Men. Christina is known be a blonde as natural but she started to dye her hair red by the age of ten. What was the reason of her transformation by going from brunette to a ginger head? It was due to the inspiration that she saw upon by the book of Anne of Green Gables. Her ideal hourglass figure has been credited by many at various occasions. Lynne Featherstone is one of them who loved and praised Hendricks for her figure and told everyone how her shape is perfect for any woman and she should be a role model for women. Esquire Magazine took a poll by female readers that ultimately name Christina as the sexiest woman in the world. She is named as the best looking American woman in 2010. She is the wife of the famous actor Geoffery Arend. She is named beauty and her talent of acting has always been highlighted. She was named as the new modern ideal of Hollywood glamour that had also been titled to famous personalities such as Veronica Lake, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. Getting inspired by Christina, it has been surveyed that British women have been received plastic surgery. 

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