Jennifer Hudson

She is not only talented in singing but her acting skills are very well polished as well and she is also a very important spokesperson. She has received many awards for her acting skills such as Academy Awards for Best Actress, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and also a BAFTA Award. She can in other terms be classified as an award taker for her magnificent diversity in talents. She can easily adapt any role as such as she did in 2006 by portraying herself as Effie White in the movie Dream Girls, this movie got acknowledged and raised fame all over the world in which her acting was highly spoken of. With millions of copies being distributed her single Spotlight spawned an awakening among people.  Not only the public loves her but she is known to be a close friend of the President as he likes her talents far beyond.  Her talent was so pure that she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame where people would remember her  in the upcoming future not only the old generation or the middle age who learn to grew up by listening to her songs on replay but also the young youth who admire her already if once listened. 

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