Janet Jackson

She is known to be taken 7 times Grammy Awards Winner and we think that isn’t enough for her as she will definitely be taking more awards in the upcoming days. She is not only known for her singing talent but also known for her unique style as well as performing in movies and television roles. She is definitely a iconic figure for over 20 years that no one neither can deny or take place. Her string of success lies with huge top charting singles, record breaking multi million albums and heaping fame of albums that are known to be recognized worldwide. But what does it make truly to label her different and a pop culture icon? This question arises in many of us and we still wonder for the same answer. The answer is her absolutely terrific work in her videos (songs) that makes us astonished and left with admiration. She has definitely not let us down with her experimentation in style as we know many ladies can’t pull off the dedication given when worn in men clothes but Janet can be said as a true fan. Her menswear infatuation has not been decreased over the years and we see her still humbly wearing menswear clothes and looking absolutely modish.


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