Hillary Swank

She was also casted as the lead role for the fourth installment of the famous movie known by the name of The Next Karate Kid that was casted in 1994. Not only she made a breakout leading role but also she is know be the part of the eight season of the most famous American television shows of all time Beverly Hills 90210 who was portrayed as a single mother in it from 1997 to 1998. She is known to have won 2 Academy Awards for best actress. Not only has she won 2 Academy Awards but also she has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She received this star in 2007. She earned her Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for best actress for her portrayal of Brandon Teena. This was a biographical independent film named by Boys don’t cry. She has also starred in other numerous films such as Freedom Writers, Insomnia, The Gift, New Year’s Eve, Amelia, The Homesman, The Gift and The Reaping. She is a marvelous actress. One gifted with such talent shouldn’t be laid to rest that soon. We expect great work from her in the past near future. 

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