George Clooney

Not only does his fame come from his acting talent but he also possesses other talents for the very same industry such as writer, producer, director and a huge activist. Clooney is known to appear in many advertisements and commercials not only for America but also apart from America such as Fiat, Martini vermouth and Nespresso. He is so very well recognized that he has been caricatured in the famous American television animated show of American Dad. In that episode he is known to appear by the name of Tears of a Clooney. He is known to be the recipient of 3 Golden Globe Awards for his outstanding work as an actor that has been applauded and appreciated worldwide. He is also known to be the recipient of 2 Academy Awards respectively one based as an actor where as the other was given to him on the basis of him producing as a producer. Clooney picked up his fame as the most recognizable and appreciated character of Dr. Doug Ross. He played this character from 1994 to 1999 in the most hit medical drama known by the name of ER. For his outstanding achievements on based on his acting he received 2 Emmy Award nominations. Clooney is known to take the first lead role in Three Kings. He performed in Batman Robin as well. 

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